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Architect Representative At Varanashi, Pune, Daman & Delhi


Job Overview

· Responsible for ensuring the desired quality and workmanship of construction at designated project sites


Duties & Responsibilities

· Daily or periodic construction supervision, mainly focusing on quality aspects of construction

· Review quality of all materials at site and ensure that they conform to specifications

· Supervise effective implementation of test procedures and inspection schedules

· Ensure that line / level / plumbs are maintained for all the executed items and they meet architectural aesthetic requirements

· Ensure that construction execution is compliant to design intent, drawings and specifications

· Liaise with design office for sample / mock-up approvals

· Responsible for QA / QC documentation including certificates, calibration, test results, inspection requests, site observations / instructions and non-compliance reports

· Submit weekly Quality related reports to Quality Manager highlighting issues (if any)


Qualifications & Other Requirements

· B E (Civil) with 3 to 5 years of experience.

· Work experience should be mainly in site QA / QC procedures applied to architecturally challenging building projects

· Familiarity with latest construction technologies / materials, good written and verbal English communication skills, passionate and driven about aesthetic and overall workmanship quality

· Willingness to go on medium to long term deputation on project sites

Personal Information


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