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Executive Assistant To Project Director - Central Vista, New Delhi

Executive Assistant to Project Director - Central Vista, New Delhi

We are looking for an enterprising individual who can help the Project Director to run the Central Vista Project. 


Bachelors or Masters in Architecture or civil engineering.


Over 5 years

Work Location:

Ahmedabad.  Should be prepared to travel to Delhi on a regular basis

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Day to day follow up with Project Teams on assigned tasks and deliverables
  • Attending online meetings and drafting minutes
  • Proof reading Team member’s communications, reports etc.
  • Follow up with Clients and the Delhi office on ongoing tasks, meetings, deliverables
  • Upholding agreed standards and protocols set for all internal Teams
  • Organising and attending internal and external online as well as physical meetings on site
  • Client and Consultant liaison 

Other Requirements:

This position would ideally suite a person with an excellent command over the English language. You need to be enthusiastic, diligent and very hard working. You also need to be ready to commit to the project at least for the next 5 years.

If you think you fit the bill and would like to make a difference, or if you know of someone who can, please let us know immediately.

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