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HCP Studios

The top two floors (7th & 8th) of the Paritosh building is where the concept and design development of all projects are undertaken.

The eighth floor studio is where the concept and design development stages of all projects are done; so all projects pass through this space at some point. This bright, open floor with panoramic views across the river and the city in all directions is an inspiring space to enter and to spend time. The studio was conceived of as ‘a transit lounge of people and ideas’ and it is in this egalitarian space where every project begins its design journey. No one working in this studio has a permanent seat; everyone is a visitor.  Teams gather in the studio and stay for varying periods of time, it could be an hour, a day, a week or perhaps longer, but everyone is equally just visiting.

In the centre of the studio, under a double height space, there are two 4m long high tables, where intimate or large design discussions and meetings are conducted. Clients, consultants and members of the HCP team are brought together in this creative forum of work and debate. The shared intelligence of all those present is brought to bear on the issue at hand and gradually from the drawings, models and discussion, the concept, strategy and design emerges. It is as if the space itself is an active participant in the creative process.

The space and the arrangement of furniture encourage movement and promote dynamic interaction. HCP reviews are an open, inclusive process with the single objective of making the project the very best it can be. Reviews are always conducted with, at the very least, the Project Manager, Project Architect and Project Detailer with the opinion of all actively encouraged and heard. This space gives physical expression to a way of working that we enjoy. The openness and quality of discourse are attitudes of mind and practice that are embedded deep into the cultural fabric of our office.

The north wing of the 7th floor is home to more architects and is where architectural projects graduate from strategic and concept level, are refined and developed into fully coordinated designs.

The south wing of this floor is home to our Urban Design and Planning teams. This is where the urban designers give meaning and add value to the setting of buildings and make places out of the spaces in between. Our Planning team is at the forefront of planning practice in India. They are involved in major land use and planning projects across India, at both local and regional level. They are redirecting policy at national level and through their commitment to sustainable and equitable planning are developing practices and policies that will benefit all planners across India.

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