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Aga Khan Academy, Hyderabad 2006 -2012

The Aga Khan Academy in Hyderabad is a residential school for 1200 students. It is one of 14 such academies constructed in various developing countries, offering its students education, from pre-primary to upper-secondary levels, with rigorous academic and leadership experience. In respecting the landscape of the site, HCP’s design for the academy imbibes the aims of the institution- academic, sporting and cultural excellence in harmony with community life.

The design of the academy seeks to provide an environment conducive to reflection, study and enjoyment. The program includes academic facilities such as nursery school, junior school and senior school; sports facilities such as competition pool, diving pool, squash courts, gymnasium, cricket field, football field and tennis courts with various practice areas; as well as residential facilities— 100 faculty residences, student hostels for 600 students with dining facilities, students’ lounge and health and wellness centre.

To avoid extensive cut and fill, most buildings of the academy were designed as small blocks arranged around courtyards, ensuring that the landscape remains largely unaltered. The courtyards also allow for natural ventilation of the rooms. When designing the buildings, aligning the streets and designing the boundary walls, care was taken to ensure that the natural storm water drainage is not significantly disturbed.

Built-up Area: 65,000 Sq.m.
Client: Aga Khan Foundation
Status: Built