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Ahmedabad University - Center for Performing Arts, Ahmedabad 2011

Ahmedabad University, founded under the aegis of Ahmedabad Education Society (AES) commissioned HCP to establish an integrated urban campus within the city. HCP identified a three-phase growth for the academic campuses of AU. 

The building was envisioned to host the celebrated ‘Saptak’ festival for Indian classical music in Ahmedabad. Designed specifically for Indian classical music, the challenges included creating an intimate setting for enhancing the interaction between musicians and audience; providing a mix of Indian gaddi seating and chairs as well as designing for amplification. 

The design was an outcome of several interactive sessions and workshops between the architects, client, experts, consultants and the musicians. Along with Indian classical music, the building was designed to be functionally flexible for dance, plays, lecture and other performing arts. The center was to house a main auditorium with seating capacity of 1010 persons, a music library, rehearsal halls, an experimental theatre and administrative areas. The main façade of the building was articulated with uninterrupted glass, to enhance the visual connection between the adjacent road and the activities within the building.

This project was not realized.

Built-up Area: 6,700 Sq.m.
Status: Unbuilt