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Alang Area Draft Development Plan 2027, Alang, Bhavanagar 2015

Alang, located on the eastern coast of Saurashtra region in Gujarat, is home to the world’s largest ship recycling yard. The shipyard started functioning in 1983 and as the enterprise picked up, the villages surrounding the beaches saw emergence of several ancillary industrial and commercial activities. It generated significant job opportunities and demand for serviced land. However, this lead to haphazard growth devoid of proper infrastructure that was required to support the rise in population and the increase in activities.

Hence, the Alang Area Development Authority (AADA) was created and the first ever Draft Development Plan for this area was commissioned to be prepared as per the GTPUD Act, 1976. The area under AADA is about 131.89 sq km, comprising 10 villages of Talaja taluka and 7 villages of Ghogha taluka. It was important to avoid an adverse mix of activities by bringing order to the existing development so as to not let it adversely affect the residential areas and the environment as a whole.  HCP's team of experts not only provided a framework through proposals and recommendations for Land Development, Road Network, Transportation and Infrastructure but also for Tourism, Disaster Risk and Management as well as Development Control Regulations for the delineated area. 

Site Area: 13200 Ha
Status: Ongoing
Design Team:
Shirley Ballaney, Bindu Nair, Atul Patel, Bharat Patel