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Amochhu Land Development and Township Project, Phuentsholing, Bhutan 2015

Phuentsholing is the second most populous town of Bhutan and shares a seamless international border with India's bustling town Jaigaon. It leads in import and export trades with India, with more than 80% of the total trade passing through its gates. With physical expansion constrained on all sides, Phuentsholing’s growth has resulted in a serious shortage of land for further development and expansion. The town also faces a constant threat of sedimentation and erosion from uncontrolled flows of the Amochhu. In addition to being a constant threat to life and property, these floods have been a major contributor to the loss of invaluable flat terrain.  

The Amochhu Land Development and Township Project (ALDTP) is envisioned to address both of the above problems. ALDTP proposes a resilient riverfront to mitigate the threat of flooding and erosion, thereby making about 1146 acres of land available for a planned expansion of the existing town of Phuentsholing. 

The ALDTP master plan is based on detailed technical studies for river hydrology, geology, topography, social impact, environmental impact, urban design, infrastructure engineering and economic feasibility. It also integrates relevant parallel projects and proposed developments by the Phuentsholing Thromde, such as Amochhu LAP and PCR highway. It also considers both upstream and downstream impacts, ensuring that Jaigoan and its adjoining areas along the river are not adversely impacted in any manner, as the Amochhu flows across the Indo-Bhutan border. 

The master plan is designed to serve as a guiding document for planned expansion for the next 20-30 years. A detailed set of Development Control Regulations have been drawn up to ensure a harmonious, culturally sensitive and planned urban development. ALDTP will promote liveability, inclusivity and sustainability providing new growth opportunities for the region, catalyzing Phuentsholing’s transformation into a national economic, cultural and tourist hub without compromising its environmental goals, & region’s social and cultural values.

Site Area: 2076 Acres
Status: Ongoing