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Astral Corporate House, Ahmedabad 2008

Astral Polytechnik Limited, one of the premier plumbing system manufacturers in India, commissioned HCP to conceptualize and build Astral Corporate House which would consolidate all its operations in a single building. The three-storeyed cast-in-situ fair face concrete building located on a 0.25 acre site, provides a built up space of 1720 sq. m. The facilities include cabins for directors, managers and support staff, reception/waiting rooms and meeting rooms on all floors, a training room and a lunch room with pantry in the basement.

While the main glass facade faces north, shielding the interior spaces from severe solar heat gain, the problems of the harsh glare of Ahmedabad still remained. To control the glare and provide unobstructed visibility from the interiors, a fabric based exterior shading system was developed.

The Partially Rollable Membrane Louver System, is mounted on a 600mm wide ledge on the outside of the building. The fabric panels/blinds follow the glazing pattern of the façade and each panel is controlled individually. The level of screening in each office space can be manually adjusted to the convenience of the user from within the building.

Built-up Area: 1720 Sq M
Client: Astral Polytechnik Ltd
Status: Built