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AUDA Development Plan 2021, Ahmedabad 2010 -2013

Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority (AUDA), is in the process of revising the Development Plan for Ahmedabad city for the coming ten years (2021). AUDA sought technical support from EPC, a sister concern of HCP to synchronize and structure the Development Plan comprehensively. A similar kind of support had been provided for Revised Development Plan 2011 to AUDA by EPC.

The plan is prepared considering future population & economic growth by year 2021 and 2031. EPC has been working in close coordination with the Urban Planning Cell (UPC), AUDA to review the surveys, studies and analysis and accordingly identify the gaps, complete the analysis and prepare the final volume for Revised Development Plan 2021. The final Revised Development Plan 2021 includes existing condition studies & analysis, plannings proposals & recommendations and General Development Regulations. HCP was closely involved in working as integral part of the AUDA team to provide expertise & technical support for preparing the contents and format for the Development Plan.

Site Area: 186600 Ha
Status: Built