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Bhuj Development Plan and Town Planning Schemes, Bhuj 2002 -2004

Bhuj was one of the worst-hit cities during the earthquake of 2001. To deal with the aftermath of the disaster, the Government of Gujarat decided to rebuild the city. HCP was inovlved in preparing the Bhuj Development Plan. Rebuilding the historic core of Bhuj required detailed planning and implementation of this development plan. For this, HCP proposed an innovative approach to the Town Planning scheme - a land pooling mechanism used in Gujarat to recognize agricultural land at the urban periphery to create public infrastructure and well planned private lots.

Bhuj's densely compacted walled city covered just over a square kilometre, with over 12,000 plots of land and over 24,000 properties. It had very narrow streets, cul de sacs and bottlenecks which became death traps in the earthquake. The old city was to be rebuilt to become safer, have wider streets and public spaces. The planners consulted with stakeholders and undertook meticulous cadastral surveys and planning for two years and the plan's implementation has transformed the old city.

Site Area: 130 Ha
Status: Built