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C.G. Road Redevelopment, Ahmedabad 1994 -1997

C G Road Redevelopment is a comprehensive urban design project which sought to resolve the conflicts in street usage between a variety of users in an efficient and effective manner. During the late 1980’s C. G. Road emerged as the prime commercial street in Ahmedabad with high property prices. However, the street itself, with a 100 ft. right of way and a length of about 3.5 kms., was no more than a 40 ft. wide patch of asphalt with street lights and unpaved earth on either sides. Traffic had increased considerably, parking was haphazard and the street was unsafe for pedestrians.

In August 1994, HCP was asked by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation to design C.G. Road to increase its efficiency, to make it safer and to make it beautiful, while accommodating the conflicting demands on the street. The design addressed street layouts, detailed design of pavements, structural design, landscape, lighting, traffic and parking management, integration of water supply, drainage, storm water drainage and communication infrastructure. Detailed design inputs included providing parking for 400 cars and 1,200 scooters, a 22 ft wide two lane carriage ways on both sides of the road median, about a 14 feet wide pedestrian facility with local vehical accessibility.

The project’s significance lies not only in its design but also in its innovative self-financing mechanism which allowed Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation to generate revenue and sustain itself. 

Client: Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation
Status: Built