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Central Business District Local Area Plan, Ahmedabad

AUDA recently completed the draft Local Area Plan to develop the Central Business District (CBD) along Ashram Road. Since 1960s, this 127 hectare of area between Usmanpura and Town Hall on both sides of Ashram Road is viewed as the commercial hub of the city. However, due to restrictive zoning and lack of planning focus, this area has not been able to achieve its full potential; even as the city has rapidly expanded adding glitzy office buildings, hotels and apartments in the outskirts.

The HCP team was engaged by the authority to prepare a Local Area Plan for the CBD. This plan proposes to revive and rejuvenate this central area by leveraging citywide connectivity through BRTS, the proposed Metro and the development of the Sabarmati Riverfront Project. The plan proposes to increase FSI from 1.8 to 5.4, increase the street network and public ROW from 22% to about 45% and increase the green cover from 20% to 40% of the total area. The new development regulations for this area are reformed to incentivize redevelopment by allowing three times higher FSI, removal of ground coverage requirements and changes in the parking requirements at ground level. At the same time they are also designed to create pedestrian friendly environment by requiring buildings to align their façades along the roadside and requiring 6m wide arcade and active frontage for pedestrians. AUDA displayed and exhibited this vision for Ahmedabad’s CBD using large scale models and panels at public exhibitions. 

Site Area: 127 Ha
Status: Ongoing