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Chennai Container Terminal, Chennai 2002 -2004

HCP partnered with Babtie Consultants India Pvt. Ltd. to design the New Management Center for the Chennai Container Terminal, run by P&P Ports India Ltd. The building is situated at the southern end of the 1000-metre-long Container Terminal. The simple, rectangular, five-storeyed Management Center is oriented to minimize heat gain.

In view of the administrative requirement of ‘a constant view of the terminal as well as the berthing ships’, and taking advantage of the natural light, the work areas were placed on the north side of the building. The administrative staff was provided with views of the entire terminal through the fully glazed north facade. Utility areas like toilets, AHU, staircase and lift, pantry, archives and utility ducts were placed on the south side of the building, in view of the harsh glare – the direct sunlight of Chennai.

The strategic location of the Management Center ensured prominent visibility of its south facade from a distance of almost 1000 metres. This, combined with the climatic requirement of minimal openings, allowed the client and the architect to conceptualize the use of the blank and high building facade, for a large striking mural.

Built-up Area: 2,500 Sq.m.
Client: P&O Ports India Ltd.
Status: Built