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Chinubhai Centre and Patang Hotel, Ahmedabad 1980 -1984

Chinubhai Centre, - a multifunctional commercial complex, located on a prominent corner plot at the junction of Ashram Road and Nehru Bridge, is designed by HCP for owner and builder Hasmukh Shah. It is designed to maximize the economic potential of the site and to capitalize on the views of the Sabarmati. The Centre houses large showrooms, shops, offices with terrace gardens and, the most innovative feature, the Revolving Restaurant named ‘Patang Hotel’. The east facçade is stepped back to create shady terraces overlooking the river.

Patang restaurant, the first revolving restaurant of its kind in India, is the anchor of the development. The form of the structure celebrates the traditional “chabutara”, – where the birds are fed and given water. The project is a result of a close collaborative effort of of the architect and the structural engineers. The structure is a free-standing umbrella with an independent entry and the restaurant is accessed by view elevators facing the river and the Walled City. It has an RCC, umbrella- shaped structure of 68’ outer diameter. All of the RCC construction was done by slip form method. The revolving platform, with an internal width of 18’ and 62’ outer diameter is designed for a total load of 25 kgs/ sq. ft. and can seat up to 136 persons. The platform takes 90 minutes to finish one revolution and offers a full the view of the River Sabarmati River and of the cityscape in surrounding.

The interior has been designed to blend tradition and modernity, using traditional colours and textures but contemporary furniture and forms

Built-up Area: 8,220 Sq.m.
Client: M/s Hasmukh Shah Developers
Status: Built