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Corporate Headquarters, Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Bhat 2000

Cadila Pharmaceuticals, one of India's foremost pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, asked HCP to design their corporate campus at Bhat, near Dholka, Gujarat.

The campus is spread over approximately 5 acres, housing office blocks, a guest house, a training centre, a canteen and directors' offices. It is divided into three clusters. The office cluster comprises of six buildings designed radially in the form of a fan from a central pond. The second cluster of buildings, designed in a crescent shape includes a training centre, a canteen, a 35 room guest house, sports facilities and a meditation room. The third cluster consists of the directors' offices.

The design uses a simple architectural vocabulary, with load bearing exposed brickwork and exposed concrete, detailed meticulously. Kota and Jaisalmer stone have been used for the flooring and windows. The open spaces are landscaped and woven into the site plan.

Built-up Area: 13,700 Sq.m.
Client: Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Status: Built