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Draft: C.G. Road Redevelopment, Ahmedabad 2019

Chimanlal Girdharlal Road, popularly known as CG road, was always an important arterial road for Ahmedabad. It emerged as the prime retail street of the city in the late 1980s, with high property prices. However, the street itself, with a 100 ft. right of way and a length of about 3.5kms, was no more than a 40 ft. wide patch of asphalt with street lights and unpaved earth on either side. As the city grew, traffic increased considerably, parking became haphazard and the street became unsafe for pedestrians. 

In 1994, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation appointed HCP to comprehensively design CG road to make it efficient and safe, while accommodating the conflicting demands on the street. The design provided parking for 400 cars and 1200 scooters, two-lane carriageways for thoroughfare and boulevard-style pedestrian walkways on both sides. The project received critical acclaim for its design as well as its innovative self-financing mechanism. 

Twenty-five years later, by 2019, the city had once again outgrown the now-central arterial street. It needed to be refurbished and renovated to cater to rising densification, footfall and traffic congestion on the 3 km stretch. This challenge was to address five primary objectives through the design of the street: ensuring that it serves as an efficient arterial road for thoroughfare; improving the pedestrian experience of the street; ensuring that it functions well as a retail street; demonstrating robust and high-quality construction; and making it easy to operate and maintain. 

The design addresses all these objectives in a comprehensive manner, retaining and enhancing CG Road’s value as a retail destination for residents and visitors alike, while keeping its distinct and memorable character intact. The project serves as a part of HCP’s wider attempt to make Indian cities more livable and pedestrian-friendly.

Client: Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation
Status: Ongoing