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Draft: Himatnagar Canalfront Development, Himatnagar 2011

The main canal from the Hathmati river passes through Himatnagar, separating the city into two parts. This canal is used for irrigation during monsoon season, but for most of the year it has little or no water. This canal development project aims to turn the largely unused, Hathmati Canal and its surroundings into an area that can be used as a space for social interactions and reconnect the two parts of the city. The main challenge of the project was efficient water management, as the site is located in a dry region.

The canal development project holds water for a stretch one kilometer, through out the year and allows people to be closer to the water level through the lower promenade. It connects the two sides of the city through three new pedestrain bridges across the canal. The project includes a 500 meter long public garden along the canalfront for use by people of all ages, providing the much-needed green space in the city. Apart from this, there are conveniently located commercial facilities including 120 shops, an informal market, vegetable market and a food vendors' zone. To support all these utilities there is a public plaza, parking and toilets. The project will work on a self-financing mechanism in the long run, using the revenue generated from the proposed development to fund upcoming development.

Built-up Area: 7,000 Sqm (Approx.)
Status: Built