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Entrepreneurship Development Institute, Bhat 1985 -1986

The Entrepreneurship Development Institute is an autonomous, not-for-profit institution, established in 1983. Premised on the idea that entrepreneurial talent need not be inherent but can be nurtured through innovative training, the institute is devoted to providing specialized entrepreneurship education, training and research and consultancy services, to approximately 110 postgraduate students each year.

The design for the EDI campus was the focus of a national competition. The brief called for an innovative design which evoked a combined sense of modernity and tradition. Keeping the brief in mind, the design is an attempt at creating an indigenous, Indian vocabulary. It draws on lessons learn from vernacular, Islamic and colonial buildings, to enrich the modern aesthetic.

The campus covers 23 acres, with a 6,000 sq. m. built-up area. The academic facilities include 4 classrooms, 4 seminar rooms, a 250-seat auditorium, a library (meant to accommodate 30,000 books), administrative facilities and a board room. Additional facilities provided are a café, hostels with 90 rooms for 2 students each and 10 dormitories, and faculty housing with 6 row houses and 6 flats.

The campus won the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 1992.

Built-up Area: 9,120 Sq.m.
Client: Entrepreneurship Development Institute Of India
Status: Built