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Erangal Precinct Heritage Conservation & Environmental Improvement Plan, Madh Island, Mumbai 2010 -2011

Located on the north western coast of Mumbai, Erangal is one of the original historical agrarian settlements of Mumbai whose origin can be traced back to the 1530s. It is one of the 189 gaothans of Mumbai today interspersed in its modern urban fabric, which are now struggling to retain their distinct character due to development pressures. The issues faced by the settlement included increased development pressure, inadequate development regulations, insufficient infrastructure, destruction of the historic structures and incongruent redevelopments.

As part of the efforts to conserve these heritage precincts, HCP was appointed as consultant to prepare Action Plan for Conservation of Heritage Precinct of Erangal by Mumbai Metropolitan Region Heritage Conservation Society (MMRHCS) which was set up to spearhead efforts of heritage conservation in the area. Erangal precinct spread over an area of 3.9 ha with 199 structures and 138 households. The tasks for the team involved a detailed survey, documentation and assessment of the precinct’s urban fabric, public spaces and significant structures, identification of issues, preparation of an action plan and drafting of development control guidelines and regulations. This would help in keeping the heritage of the settlement alive while allowing the daily life to go on undisturbed by development pressures. 

Site Area: 3.9 Ha
Status: Built