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Gujarat High Court, Ahmedabad 1992 -1994

The Gujarat High Court Complex, located on the Sarkhej-Gandhinagar Highway, is conceived as a symmetrical and formal composition, befitting an institution meant to perform the ‘rituals of justice’.

The Main Court building features 33 courtrooms, of which 32 are identical, with 60 seats each, and one has 200 seats, for the First Court. Each courtroom is connected to a judge's chamber, an anteroom and a personal assistant's office. Separate entrances to courtrooms provide judges with exclusive access. In addition, the courts feature offices for key administrative personnel, a judges' lounge, committee rooms, a library, 18 additional chambers, a computer centre, space for Gujarat Government offices and staff, a bank and a post office, offices for the Bar Council and Bar Association and chambers for advocates. The campus has five entrances: two ceremonial, one for the use of judges and two for general use.

The design seeks to evoke a sense of order and dignity and lays an emphasis on shaded public space. The main court building, aligned on the East–West axis and fronted by spacious gardens, is the focus of the complex.

Built-up Area: 55,000 Sq.m.
Client: Roads And Buildings Dept., Govt. Of Gujarat
Status: Built