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H.K. House, Ahmedabad 1976

H.K. House is a modest and economical office building developed as a commercial project. While taking full advantage of the site’s development potential as defined by planning laws, it is formally appropriate for its site. The building, while centrally located in the city, is not on a main commercial road. The key feature is the optimised relationship between core and perimeter. Floors could be let whole or divided up in various ways to accommodate different-sized companies without loss of view or natural light. Hasmukh Patel chose to articulate the facade of H.K. House with deep horizontal bands protecting recessed windows. The horizontal bands of weather shades also provided built-in storage below sill level within all the offices. The verandah-foyer is perfectly proportioned and crisply detailed. Patel’s architectural practice was located in the building for seven years. Its efficient and elegant layout is depicted in the second floor plan on the facing drawing.

Status: Built