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Hamirsar Lake Precinct Development,

The city of Bhuj, located in western Gujarat, is home to a cluster of three lakes namely Hamirsar, Chhatedi and Dhobhi Talav. In the dense urban environment of Bhuj, its lake system forms an integral part of the city’s public space. However, the existing condition of the lake is unorganised and ill-suited for the growing needs of the city. HCP has undertaken the revitalization of this lake cluster and its surroundings into an integrated lake precinct in the heart of the city.  

Based on a detailed study of existing conditions and multiple stakeholder consultations, HCP developed a proposal that targets key aspects of development like improving accessibility to the lake, revitalising cultural and historical sites, retrofitting the lake’s water network to sustain water and restoring the lake ecology. It improves accessibility, creating a well-designed, robust network of pedestrian access, and vehicular connectivity between various inner-city markets. The edges of the lake, previously used for dumping garbage, are developed to create walkways and green spaces for the city. Old parks are reinvigorated and public plazas are incorporated in the precinct, to be used by citizens as everyday sites of recreation, as well as during festivals as public sites of celebration. These urban interventions are intrinsically linked with the capital budget plan, making possible numerous opportunities for revenue-generation.  

Status: Ongoing