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IMR Software Development Centre, Thiruvananthapuram 1993

Information Management Resources is a software development and management with offices in India and the USA. In 1993, the company asked HCP to design a Software Development Park at Thiruvananthapuram, to house 1000 programmers.

The campus, which was to house offices, R&D facilities, an auditorium, a library, dining facilities, residences, guest houses, a gymnasium and a swimming pool, was spread over 20 acres of coconut plantation on a steep site which touched the Kovalam beach.The highly contoured nature of the site encouraged the architect and his team to experiment with the design using scale models in thermocol and wood. This process resulted in a plan that reinforced and preserved the natural structure of the site.

This project was not realised.

Client: IMR Management Resources Pvt. Ltd.
Status: Unbuilt