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Ismet-Bimal Residence, Ahmedabad 1998 -2003

The concept of the Ismet-Bimal residence is very simple; it’s a long linear house with a deep verandah running the length of the house and facing the garden. The house is divided into three distinct parts; one consisting of the living-dining, and the other two consisting of the bedrooms. The bathrooms, each with its own skylight, serve as the dividing elements. This division is almost regimental, with a certain mathematical rigour to it; nothing is out of its place, nothing is extraneous, nothing superfluous. Yet there exists a certain ease, a certain informality about the house that is endearing. A long narrow corridor leads you to the core of the house, the living and dining area and a longer corridor leads you to the bedrooms. The dining has the kitchen to one side and opens into the rear garden on the other. The long corridor leading to the bedrooms also doubles up as the library, with one wall being lined with books. There is no hierarchy of spaces, no theatrics; every space opens up to the low verandah and the garden beyond and still maintains its own privacy and intimacy. The garden forms an integral and indivisible part of each space and is beautifully framed by the low verandah.  There are no windows in this house; only large glass doors and the frequent use of louvered panels that ventilate the space and cast interesting shadows with changing light conditions of the day. The roof over each space is lifted slightly so as to ventilate it and let in natural light. The house is large but not lavish; it is highly functional, yet relaxed. The scale of the verandah and the corridor, the unfussy and almost minimalist interiors, and the diffused light filtering in, all lend to achieve a restful and relaxing atmosphere. 

The guesthouse lies a short distance away and sits perpendicular to the main house. It carries the idea of simplicity even further, as just one rectangular space that can be partitioned into two if needed. The guesthouse also has its own unobstructed view of the garden, with the trees and planters providing adequate privacy and separation.


Built-up Area: 604 Sq M
Status: Built