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ITER Laboratory, Gandhinagar 2007 -2011

The Institute for Plasma Research (IPR) is a premium scientific institute under the Department of Atomic Energy, Govt. of India, devoted to research and development activities in the areas of basic plasma physics, magnetic confinement fusion and industrial applications of plasmas. The ITER Laboratory on the IPR campus is a part of a multinational project involving seven countries, including India.

The design intent for the ITER lab was to create a research facility that provides the physical flexibility to accommodate the complex building and laboratory services. The completed building provides ample space and is structurally designed for the large and complex equipments required in the laboratory.

The centrally air-conditioned laboratories are designed to be column-free spaces with heights ranging from 13 to 18 metres for maximum flexibility. Vertical shafts are provided around the perimeter of the building for easy movement of HVAC, electrical and other services as required for the laboratory experiments. Mezzanine floors for office/observation space and gantry girders for movement of equipment have been provided. To optimize space, the terrace floor houses all the HVAC and plumbing services.


Built-up Area: 5800 Sq.m.
Client: Institute For Plasma Research
Status: Built