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Jio Institute, Karjat 2018

Jio Institute, an educational project initiated by Reliance Group, aims to create a world-class campus of learning, innovation and research. The site, nestled amid the Sahyadri Ranges near Mumbai, in the town of Karjat, comprised three land parcels, cumulatively measuring 800 acres.* HCP was commissioned to prepare the concept masterplan of all three land parcels of the institute, which will comprise academic, sports, medical, and residential zones.  

The largest of the three sites housed the main academic and housing zones of the Insititute. The academic zone comprised 12 schools of diverse fields. Designed as a pedestrian-friendly campus, the planning followed a grid pattern, which allows efficient connectivity across main zones. A central, landscaped boulevard was proposed through the academic zone, to be used as the main walkway, incorporating several informal resting spaces. Student and faculty housing blocks, located on contoured terrain, were placed in a stepped manner along the contours, with the access routes laid in a winding pattern. Use of public transport was encouraged with the provision of trams, buggies, and shuttles. The second site accommodated an international standard sports facility with tracks, hockey and football stadiums, cricket ground and other indoor sports facilities. The third site accommodated a school of medical science, along with a 110-bed hospital. Master-planning strategies on all three sites sensitively accommodated the hilly terrain, harmoniously melding architecture and nature.  

*The site has now been moved to Navi Mumbai, and HCP is on the advisory body for the planning of the project, acting as a consultant. 

Status: Unbuilt
Design Team:
Bimal Patel, Bobby Desai, Mahesh Iyer