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Kankaria Lakefront Development, Ahmedabad 2006 -2009

The historic Kankaria Lake has been a part of Ahmedabad since its foundation was laid by its then ruler Ahmed Shah in 1451. Originally planned as a green destination, it suffered due to heavy vehicular traffic encircling the lakeside road, unorganized and informal activities in the area as well as an unkempt environment.

Initiated by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, the primary objective of the Kankaria Lakefront Development was to transform this city-scale public space with efficient and robust infrastructure. The strategies to implement this transfromation included creating complete pedestrian zones encircling the lake's edge, developing an outer ring road by strengthening the existing road network, creating approximately 6 km of access streets as well as new access points to the lakefront, enhancing recreational potential by improving public facilities, preserving historic buildings and encouraging overall development within the precinct.

The pedestrian promenade is lined with gardens, food courts and organized vending spaces. The design of the promenade includes 2 km-long uninterrupted pedestrian zone along the edge of the lake lined by street furniture. The street furniture zone comprises trees, lights, seating facilities and dustbins act as a buffer between the pedestrian zone and the cycle track. Amongst the various recreational activities provided, the mini train circling around the lake is the most popular. While designing, great attention was paid to the detailing of sidewalks, carriageways and on-street parking.

Client: Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation
Status: Built