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KHS Machinery, Hirapur, Memdavad 2005 -2007

In 2005, HCP designed a bottling production plant for K.H.S. Maschinen Anlagenbau AG, an international company dealing in product packaging. Located in Hirapur, Memdavad, the design of the facility was driven by economical resource management.

The architects responded to the challenge with a design which consists of four identical sheds spanning 27 metres in width by 120 metres in length. The facility is notable for the unique inverted-truss-roof canopy. The trusses, which span 27 metres, appear above the roof externally in order to achieve a clean undersurface of the roof. A gantry with a capacity of 20 tons runs along the entire clear span making the production area flexible. Construction was done in steel to suit the industrial use.

The project has received the National Award for innovative structural steel design and construction.

Built-up Area: 18,750 Sq.m.
Client: Mamta Group Of Industries
Status: Built