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Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat, Ahmedabad 2009 -2013

Spread over a 7.5-acre rectilinear site in the proposed Knowledge Precinct of Ahmedabad, Gujarat Knowledge Centre is a joint venture between Gujarat Knowledge Consortium and Gujarat Education Society. The design for the campus was driven by the vision to create an environment conducive to learning. All the trees on site were preserved and the form built around them.

The constituent buildings are conceived as independent entities and grouped around a landscaped academic quadrangle. This quadrangle serves as the focus of the campus and provides opportunities for interaction, recreation and assembly. It has the added advantage of serving as a moderator of the microclimate. Vehicular circulation in the campus is restricted to its periphery and area for future expansion has been earmarked to the southern part of the site.

The campus caters to 450 students and 50 faculty members. The program comprises of classrooms, faculty rooms, administration building, auditorium, guest house and student housing besides attendant facilities.

Built-up Area: 8500 Sq.m
Client: Knowledge Consortium Of Gujarat
Status: Built