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Master Plan for IIM Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad 2014

IIM Ahmedabad has a world-class reputation as a management institute, and also a fine history of architectural patronage. The Institute must evolve over time, to retain its status as a premier learning environment. New developments are essential to this growth.  Working closely with the Institute, we have developed a Master Plan strategy that is flexible. It allows for sensitive and appropriate change, to accommodate the Institute’s growing needs, while holistically protecting, enhancing and integrating the two unique assets of the existing campus:
i.    the iconic buildings by Kahn, Raje and others
ii.    the network of mature green spaces in between and around the buildings.

The proposed new development includes much needed additional learning spaces, student dormitories, faculty and staff housing, sports facilities and an auditorium. As Master Architect, we have proposed a series of design and planning guidelines to ensure that all new development is suitably located, of an appropriate scale and of the highest architectural quality. New developments must be efficient and economical in their land use, be sympathetic in form and material to the existing iconic buildings, and respect the grain and underlying order of the existing campus. 

Looking at this as a tremendous opportunity to enhance life on campus, we have also proposed a network of sensitive interventions for the external areas, to encourage a fuller use of their assets. These include new outdoor social spaces, plazas, cafés, shaded seating areas and much improved sports facilities, all connected by a network of pedestrian and cycling paths.

The master plan has been planned in a phased manner, to accommodate the future needs as envisaged by the institute today, but the phasing also remains flexible, anticipating changing in future requirements. We have also supported the institute facilitate the conservation work for the heritage buildings by identifying spaces within the campus for temporary relocation. 

Site Area: 103 Acres
Status: Ongoing
Design Team:
Bimal Patel, Bobby Desai, Parizad Baria, Mahesh Iyer