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Morbi - Wakaner Draft Development Plan, Morbi-Wankaner 2014

The towns of Morbi and Wankaner figure prominently as the hub of ceramic industries in Gujarat. Morbi and Wankaner municipalities are located along the NH8A/27 and the entire stretch of the highway between the two municipalities is an intensive ceramic tile manufacturing corridor. This industry has grown steadily over the years and is one of the largest contributors to ceramic ware worldwide after China. Morbi is also famous for wall clock and roofing tiles. However, the unplanned industrial growth has resulted in problems of pollution, waste dumping, traffic congestion and haphazard residential developments in the vicinity.

The Morbi Wankaner Urban Development Authority (MWUDA) covers an area of 449.87 sq km and includes 18 villages of Morbi taluka, 17 villages of Wankaner taluka, 1 village of Tankara taluka and municipalities of Morbi and Wankaner. MWUDA appointed HCP to prepare the Draft Development Plan for the area under its jurisdiction as per the GTPUD Act, 1976.

The draft development plan prepared by HCP team carefully studied the existing condition of land use, infrastructure, transport network. etc through intense surveys and stakeholder consultations. It included various zoning and land development proposals to improve the conditions within the area and to encourage the economy and development in the region. The plan also included carefully crafted proposals for future road and transportation network, physical infrastructure, social amenities, parks and gardens as well as for protection of the environmentally sensitive areas. 


Site Area: 45000 Ha
Status: Ongoing