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Morbi-Wankaner Draft Development Plan, Gujarat 2014 -2016

The towns of Morbi and Wankaner Morbi and Wankaner are erstwhile Princely States, with a rich repertoire of architectural built heritage. Both of them figure prominently as the hub of ceramic industries in Gujarat. As the ceramic industry grew, the industry started spreading between villages along the NH8 national highway corridor, in an unplanned manner. In the absence of adequate infrastructure support, this industrial spread caused several issues including pollution, incompatible uses, mix of traffic and poor connectivity. Morbi Wankaner Urban Development Authority (MWUDA) was constituted to address this haphazard growth and to provide infrastructure to support the economy of the region. HCP worked with MWUDA to prepare a draft development plan.

Studies of the existing condition of land development, physical and social infrastructure and land features were undertaken and multiple stakeholder consultations were conducted. Based on this, a draft development plan was prepared that classified the different types of industries and identified suitable zones for each of them, to improve the conditions within the area and to encourage the regional economy.

Additionally, the plan created an alternative spine along the highway, segregating local and regional traffic to serve local industries and allocated adequate land for economic activities with good connectivity and necessary infrastructure like water supply, drainage, waste disposal, parking and hospitality. It also delineated heritage precincts and charted out a plan to increase awareness through listing, documentation and initiating heritage walks to showcase the rich cultural history of the erstwhile Princely States of Morbi and Wankaner. The plan also included carefully crafted proposals for future road and transportation network, physical infrastructure, social amenities, parks and gardens as well as for protection of the environmentally sensitive areas.


Site Area: 437 Sq Km
Client: Morbi Wankaner Urban Development Authority (MWUDA)
Status: Implemented