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New Parliament Building, New Delhi 2019

The new Parliament building will be the first purpose-designed Parliament building for India. It will house larger Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha halls, with capacities of 888 seats and 384 seats respectively. The Lok Sabha hall will also have additional capacity, up to 1272 seats, to host joint sessions. Along with essential facilities like committee rooms, major offices of the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, Lok Sabha Secretariat and Rajya Sabha Secretariat, the building will also include publicly accessible museum-grade galleries and exhibits. The central Constitution Hall and Gallery will showcase the Indian Constitution and other artefacts of India’s heritage, symbolically and physically putting people at the heart of Indian democracy.

The design of the new Parliament building will incorporate state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology to assist the Parliament’s functions. Furniture in the debating halls will include smart displays and biometrics for ease of voting with intuitive and graphical interface; digital language interpretation and recording infrastructure to produce real-time metadata; and programmable microphones. 

The new Parliament building will work in conjunction with the present parliament building. Its design takes reference from the present Parliament building, and the other buildings of the Central Vista. It will also reflect the classical, folk and tribal arts and crafts of India. The National Emblem will crown the new Parliament building.

Client: Central Public Works Department
Status: Ongoing