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Newman Hall, Ahmedabad 1965 -1968

The Newman Hall is a commune designed by HCP for the Society of Jesus. The straight forward and simple form of this hostel reflects the austere and disciplined life of the Jesuit seminarians. The requirement was for a series of individual rooms, a dining hall, a chapel and a small office block.

The chapel, a simple circular brick structure, is placed on the central axis of the encircled courtyard. Generous corridor areas serve the dual purpose of providing access and ritual ambulatory spaces. Two and three storied structures flanking the courtyard house the seminary rooms.

What distinguishes the building is the simple and restrained use of exposed brick and concrete work and the ingenuity with which the problems of climate have been resolved. A series of brick piers flanking external windows and internal corridors, with supporting concrete slabs at lintel level dominate the external structures. These provide the necessary protection from the sun and rain, while their clear separation from the main facade and vertical extension above roof level add drama to the elevation.

Built-up Area: 3,795 Sq. M
Client: Society Of Jesus
Status: Built