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Observatory Tower for Gujarat Solar Park, Charanka, Patan 2011 -2012

Charanka Solar Park being built on a 2,000 hectare plot of land near Charanka village in Patan, has put Gujarat on the map, in the field of solar power generation, generating 500 MW of solar power. The park is the first of its kind in the world, being the largest, multi-developer, multi-facility and multi-beneficiary solar park. A 7 storey high observatory tower was proposed in order to overlook the solar fields. The challenge was to construct the tower in a short span of four months. This was achieved by using modular galvanized steel structure construction.                   

Apart from the construction of the Observatory Tower, HCP is involved in the project management of the entire Solar Park which includes construction of the canal, the 1 MW solar plant owned by GPCL.

Built-up Area: 600 Sq.m
Client: Gujarat Power Corporation Ltd.
Status: Built