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Panchamrut Bhavan, Gandhinagar

The Pacnhamrut Bhavan is located on the central axis which consists of important public institutions and a linear park avenue. The institutions are Mahatma Mandir which symbolizes the Prena  (Inspiration) and Sachivalaya which symbolizes the Purusharth (Endeavor). The proposed Panchamrut Bhavan will symbolize as Parinam (Achievement) which will complete the central axis.

The Panchamrut Bhavan is based on the Panchamrut Philosophy which outlines the five areas of focus for the development of the state under the Chief Minister’s leadership. The museum complex has five distinct series of indoor and outdoor museum spaces and gardens. Each of the five areas features a large permanent indoor exhibition hall, a smaller temporary indoor exhibition hall and outdoor gardens. The five clusters of halls and gardens are to be on separate terraced planes, cascading down towards the river to follow the natural slope of the site.

In addition to the museum complex of exhibition halls and gardens, HCPDPM propose a number of built and outdoor facilities for the theme park with five distinct activity areas, located along the “corridor,” accessible to and from each other via internal pedestrian pathways.The five areas, as a coherently programmed Panchamrut Park, together with the Panchamrut museum complex are to accommodate a full range of passive and active recreational and learning activities for people of all age groups, from villages and cities, and for visitors from other parts of India and around the world.

Built-up Area: 20,000 Sqkm
Client: Government Of Gujarat
Status: Ongoing