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Pardi-Bharatwada-Punapur Town Planning Scheme, Nagpur, Maharashtra 2017 -2018

Nagpur is the geographical center of India and is the third largest urban area in Maharashtra. As part of the Smart City proposal in Nagpur, retrofitting of four villages, Pardi, Punapur, Bharatwada and Bhandewadi in the eastern periphery of the city has been proposed by the planning authority, Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) under Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC). NMC has appointed HCP Design, Planning and Management Pvt. Ltd to prepare a Town Planning Scheme in accordance with the Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act (MRTP, Act 1966).

The total area identified for the TP scheme is 1730 acres. Majority of this land comes under the agriculture zone, while the rest is under residential, commercial and industrial zones. Within this area, almost 70 per cent of land is already developed, and a majority of it is unauthorised. The development is ad hoc, and there is an absence of coherent infrastructure facilities such as drainage, street network and solid waste management.

Due to this existing development, it was imperative that the planning interventions were framed in such a way that minimum impact is ensured. The key objectives of the proposal were providing an efficient street network, ensuring social and recreational facilities, and at the same time incorporating the unauthorized development and protecting natural features in the new plan. Thus along with land pooling, readjustment and allotment of public amenities, the TP scheme also proposed modifications in existing zones, to formalise the illegal development under section 37 of MRTP Act, 1966. It also incorporated Special Development Regulations to create coherent and meaningful urban forms. 

The retrofitting proposal focuses on the principle of integrated area based development using the Town Planning Scheme. Through resourceful retrofitting and formalisation of the existing development, this intervention will thus positively influence the quality of life of around 1,15,000 inhabitants of the area.

Site Area: 6.9 Sq Km
Client: Nagpur Smart And Sustainable City Development Corporation Ltd
Status: Ongoing