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PDPU Sports Centre, Gandhinagar, Gujarat 2014

PDPU aspires to be an internationally renowned institution with world class teaching, research and student facilities. It required a sports zone of international standards. Being a north - south oriented building, the facades are fully glazed to get natural light. The roof will have solar panels which will help in generating electricity. It has racquet sports, ball games, gymnastics, gymnasium, yoga, table games, kid’s soft play area, running track, café, sports shop. These all are flexible hence the arena can be used during sports world championships and during convocations. The services travel through the depth of the main metal structure of the roof. It’s a 133m x 65 m multipurpose hall which will be bigger than Boeing 747-400. The sports arena proposed here will be the largest free span leisure facility in South Asia.

Built-up Area: 13,557 Sq.m
Site Area: 80,962 Sq.m
Client: PDPU
Status: Unbuilt