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Race Course Redevelopment, Rajkot 2012

This project focused on the transformation of Race Course into an integrated ‘Race Course Park’ for the city of Rajkot.

Race Course, though originally developed as an arena for horse races, has evolved over many decades into a collage of disparate campuses providing space for sports activities, a science centre, an energy park, an art gallery, a library, gardens, amusement rides, exhibitions and periodic lokmelas. Though this area continues to be quite popular in parts, its full potential is untapped.

This project aimed to address the entire 100 acre of Race Course site and provide master planning and design guidelines. While the proposed master plan focused on the redevelopment of Race Course and consolidating the assorted programs, the design guidelines aimed towards establishing a network of open spaces including streets and greenways in the vicinity.

Extensive site analyses were carried out to assist in formulating apt strategies for the various aspects of the master plan. The design process also greatly benefited from public consultation, design workshops and the participation of experts and key personnel from the local municipal corporation.
The master plan aimed at creating an enhanced park environment by consolidating the open spaces, increasing the green cover, creating an extensive pedestrian network, upgrading the existing facilities and providing an array of special features to anchor the main nodes. The design proposed a comprehensive vision that could guide the development of the Race Course over time and make it a world-class urban park for the city of Rajkot with its own unique identity.

This project was not realised. 

Site Area: 41.2 Hectares
Status: Unbuilt