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Rambaug, Ahmedabad 1998 -2003

Rambaug is a co-operative housing estate for 19 families designed on 25 acres of land on the outskirts of Ahmedabad.Designing the master plan for the entire estate involved creating a strategy for subdividing the land, providing infrastructure and services to each plot as well as developing building guidelines that would result in a cohesive and ordered built environment.

While approximately one acre of land was segregated per family to house the individual residences, the remaining land was used to provide common infrastructure, a clubhouse and recreational facilities. The common infrastructure facilities provided include the design and development of the driveway, garages, servant quarters, laying out the drainage and water supply as well as the routing of electrical and telephone cables. The clubhouse, designed by HCP, is placed at the end of a large party plot. It includes indoor games rooms, a swimming pool with changing areas and tennis courts.

Built-up Area: 25 Acres
Client: Rambaug
Status: Built