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Sabarmati Sports Complex, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 2018

The Sabarmati Riverfront Sports Complex is accommodated on two sites along the Sabarmati Riverfront, one on the east bank, in Shahpur, and the other, on the west bank in Paldi. Along with the comprehensive development of the Sabarmati Riverfront, this project formed a part of the larger vision of enriching the social and cultural hub of Ahmedabad’s central area.  Undertaken by HCP in the year 2019, the project is the first of its kind in Gujarat, and adds a unique addition to the vibrant and lively edge of Sabarmati. 

The sports facility in Paldi occupies 8 acres of land, and lies between an events’ ground, and a Senior Citizen and Children’s Park. It has international standard training and competition facilities for tennis, basketball, volleyball, cricket & kabaddi, all in one campus. The facility also has children’s entertainment zones, along with, relaxation zones and public fitness spaces for all age groups. Laid out along the exterior boundary of these spaces, is a 400 m shaded jogging track with lush trees lining its border.  Most importantly, the facility hosts Gujarat’s first skateboarding park with an international standard inline speed skating rink. 

The facility in Shahpur is spread out over 2 acres on the east bank of the Riverfront. This facility also houses international standard basketball, volleyball and cricket facilities. With a shaded jogging track, this facility is also interspersed with children’s play areas, and public fitness and relaxation zones. 

Both the sports complexes have state of the art facilities for training, and meet international standards of design. The complexes not only accommodate several sports, but also create an important social activity hub and an interesting urban insert in the dense heart of Ahmedabad. They are a model example of accommodating the future needs of contemporary Indian cities through purposeful planning.

Client: Sabarmati Riverfront Development Corporation Ltd. (SRFDCL)
Status: Ongoing
Design Team:
Niki Shah, Nidhi Parekh, Mahesh Iyer