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Safal Corporate Office, Ahmedabad 2008 -2010

Safal Corporate House, located on a 0.22 acre plot just off S. G. Highway, Ahmedabad’s premier commercial real estate. The clients’ brief sought a functional and striking building, which would consolidate Safal Constructions’ image as Ahmedabad’s leading real estate developer.

The building is an elegant, three-storeyed, cast-in-situ fair face concrete structure, oriented east–west, with blank north and south facades. Its structural grid of 4.8 m x 13.8 m and the shear wall- column- flat slab structural system lends optimal flexibility in interior layouts, yields generous ceiling heights and facilitates unobstructed routing of services. While the reception, display and sales areas are located on the ground floor, the first floor houses workstations for the technical and accounts staff and the second floor is set aside for the work areas of the top management.

One of the key design challenges was the western orientation of the building lot. Expansive windows on the western facade are protected from the harsh afternoon sun by the vertically pivoted wooden louvers. The facade system, comprising of large glazed openings and adjustable louvers, limits glare and heat gain while enabling natural light to come through.

Built-up Area: 1692 Sq.m.
Client: Safal Constructions
Status: Built