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Saputara Draft Development Plan 2031, Gujarat 2019

Saputara was conceived as a hill station in the 60’s and its first development plan was prepared in the 70’s. Since then, multiple attempts to revise the development plan have been unrealised  and development in the region is carried out in a piecemeal fashion. The Saputara Area Development Authority (SADA) was constituted in 2017 to guide the development of the area under its jurisdiction. HCP was appointed to prepare a draft development plan that outlines a framework for road networks, zones for land use and Development Control Regulations.

Studies of the existing condition of land development, physical and social infrastructure and land features were undertaken and multiple stakeholder consultations were conducted. Based on this,a draft development plan was prepared for the region’s environmental features, zoning (developed and preserved areas) and road network (vehicular and pedestrian) and tourist infrastructure. HCP also proposed a plan for year- round activities and local craft and culture that can give the hill station a unique identity and increase tourist influx in the region. The vision is to achieve planned development that promotes sustainable tourism and a balanced growth in the area.


Site Area: 4.34 Sq Km
Client: Tourism Corporation Gujarat Limited / Saputara Area Development Authority (SADA)
Status: Ongoing