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Shyamal Row Houses, Ahmedabad 1981 -1985

This real estate development project of HCP comprises of 400 three-bedroom row houses, designed in five phases. Taking the concept of row houses as a viable alternative to apartment living in urban areas, this project seeks to resolve the classic conflict between the demands of the developers as client and the needs of the user, the faceless client.

The project seeks to maximize the number of dwelling units on the plot. As a result, the unit width was restricted. To enable optimal daylighting and ventilation of the living dining area, extensive glazed surfaces were provided to overlook the rear yard. Spacious front and read yards encourage outdoor living in the development.

The challenge lay in working within a very narrow 19 ft. house width. The single units offer three bedrooms with attached bathrooms, living rooms, dining–kitchen areas, a basement store, front and back yard. The double-height living room which opens out into the back garden gives a feeling of spaciousness to an otherwise compact unit. The project includes ancillary recreation and service facilities for each of the phases, namely a common club house, gardens, a swimming pool and shared services.

Built-up Area: 140 Sq. M. (Type I), 280 Sq. M. (Type II)
Client: M/s Hasmukh Shah Developers
Status: Built