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SMC Science Centre, Surat 2003 -2009

The Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) invited competition entries in 2004 to design a science centre, museum and art gallery that would exhibit the history, geography, culture and technology of science.

The winning competition entry by HCP was a complex of three buildings – a science centre, a museum and an art gallery structured around a courtyard. The science centre accommodates exhibition areas, a restaurant and a cafeteria and a 250-seat auditorium. A 16-meter diameter steel sphere houses the planetarium, which can also be used for extreme wide projections and other enhanced multimedia shows. It can seat approximately 150 viewers. The museum and art gallery, accessed through two separate buildings, provide facilities for exhibiting art and artifacts. Parking and storage spaces are provided in the basement and they are common to all buildings.

All buildings are constructed in exposed reinforced concrete interspersed with steel structures, with the internal surface being fair finish concrete.

Built-up Area: 21,000 Sq.m.
Client: Surat
Status: Built