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SSIP Building, Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat, Ahmedabad 2018

The Student Start-up and Innovation Policy (SSIP) is a unique initiative of Government of Gujarat that creates a state-wide, university-based ecosystem to support innovations and ideas of young students. Under this policy, an innovation hub has been planned in the campus of Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat (KCG) in Ahmedabad. The innovation hub, which is envisioned to be a collaborative research and development office is designed by HCP, and accommodates up to 1000 start-up businesses.  

The office building is five storied, and occupies a central area in the KCG campus, with a plot area of 1500 sq. m. The building is tactfully conceptualised as different zones that allow collaborative and interactive areas, as well as formal, individual workspaces. The main office areas comprise individual cabins and open-plan workstations, which are placed alongside formal collaborative spaces like meeting rooms, multipurpose halls, auditoriums and workshops. The office also consists of informal interactive spaces like cafeteria, indoor games and gymnasium. These spaces are effectively segregated from support areas like copy rooms and lockers, and the service core of the building. Spaces are thus arranged in a simple, hierarchical manner, enabling efficiency and productivity. This design approach enables a rich diversity of spaces and encourages movement, thus creating a vibrant work environment.

Built-up Area: 12431 Sq. Km
Status: Ongoing
Design Team:
Bobby Desai, Mahesh Iyer, Zeel Shah