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St. Xavier's Primary School, Ahmedabad 1967

While designing the St. Xavier’s Primary School, the attempt was to blur the boundaries between work and play. The use of R.C.C. columns on a square grid allowed for a play of open, semi-open and closed spaces to accommodate the various programmatic elements of the school – classrooms, offices, library, corridors etc. – without resorting to rigid hierarchies and definitions of space.

The result is an environment that truly belongs to the children, where they can lay claim to any space as their own – corridors double as classrooms, courtyards become corridors and a fountain becomes a swimming pool.

Paintings, murals and sculptures are an integral part of the simple brick and R.C.C structure, forming a setting for the self-learning process which is crucial for children in their early years. Corridors are the same size as the classrooms, rendering them as alternative classrooms. Landscaped, open to sky courts create an informal school environment.


Built-up Area: 5,300 Sq.m.
Client: Society Of Jesus
Status: Built