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Student Housing for IIT Gandhinagar, Gujarat 2012

Student Housing for IIT Gandhinagar campus project was awarded to HCP through a national design competition. Housing blocks are organized along a series of streets which ‘bind’ the phased development of the campus, but more importantly they are a place to meet, relax in the shade and work.

The form and distribution of the hostels are designed to maximize the opportunity for mutual shading of buildings considering the orientation and prevailing wind direction. This approach together with the overall hostel block designs, results in exciting and individualistic hostel blocks each with its own identity and character.

Imbibing characters of a traditional Indian street a legible hierarchy is seen between all the elements of the design from. The proposed campus and buildings offer a variety of public and private spaces, public spaces that take their form and scale from traditional Indian ‘Chowks’ and streets, where social interaction is encouraged. The hostel buildings have their own surprising open social spaces at different levels, which will promote a sense of ‘belonging’ in the residents. The buildings have their own individual ‘faces’ and character, whilst, importantly, responding to the harsh Ahmedabad climate.

Built-up Area: 34,286 Sq.m
Client: Indian Institute Of Technology
Status: Built