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Student Housing, Institute for Plasma Research, Bhat, Gandhinagar 2004

Institute for Plasma Research is a premier scientific autonomous institute under Department of Atomic Energy. HCP was asked to design a guest house and student housing blocks for the existing research facility in an undulating site at Bhat, Gandhinagar. The six blocks are organized radially on the undulating site. The alignment of road network and placement of blocks helps retain the existing water stream and trees and minimize cut/fill on the site.

The campus houses three blocks of housing for under graduate students and one block for married students. Each block accommodates 40 students in single rooms with a common room and a pantry. The block, a square, has a central courtyard, which dually functions as space for interaction amongst students and also helps optimize light and ventilation into the block. The guest house and student facility are two linear buildings located at either ends of this campus. The guest house consists of 16 rooms and 4 suites with dining and conference facilities for visiting scientists while the student’s facility; designed for recreational purpose includes student’s dining and indoor sports rooms.

The master plan of the campus uses the topographic features of the site. The lower central flat land is utilized as a large green open space with all the residential blocks organized along its edge on the ridge of the site. In doing this, views from the residential blocks are maximized.

Built-up Area: 5,000 Sq.m.
Client: Institute For Plasma Research
Status: Built