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Transit Oriented Zone Local Area Plan, Ahmedabad 2015

AUDA's Comprehensive Development Plan 2021, with its focus on compact and sustainable development, has identified 400 m wide corridors along the public transit corridor (BRTS and Metro Line) as Transit Oriented Zone (TOZ). HCP has been appointed by AUDA to prepare the TOZ plans for additional six corridors covering about 51 kms length along the existing BRTS and proposed Metro Line.

TOZ is a zone planned to reduce the dependence on private vehicles and to encourage pedestrain friendly environment and the use of public transport. Typically, a TOZ would entail compact, mixed-use development with thriving resdiential, commercial and entertainment activities at a comfortable walking distance from transit stations, designed to maximise the use of public transport. It would further promote compact Transit Oreinted Development to help coordinate land use and transportation. 

HCP is engaged by AUDA to prepare Local Area Plans (LAPs) for more than 70 kms of TOZ corridors. These LAPs are to transform the development within the TOZ corridors by incentivizing redevelopment and encouraging compact development by incresing the FSI from 1.8 to 4.0. At the same time they also identify additional land to be taken into public ROW to add new streets, to improve pedestrian connectivity and at the same time, increase the green cover. This will enhance accessibility through direct connectivity with BRTS and upcoming Metro.

The HCP team is also invovled in preparing development regulations which would improve the built form along the transit corridors through features such as arcades, plazas and public amenities near the transit stations.   

Site Area: 166.8 Ha
Status: Ongoing
Design Team:
Bimal Patel, Jignesh Mehta, Ganesh Ahire, Nirav Shah, Kaustubh Shukla